• Investment in a public company requires analysis of the individual case. To better understand a company’s future long-term potential, it is fundamental to know the underlying facts in the company.


  • FUNDAMENTALS provides easy to access overview of some key underlying facts in a public Swedish company.

  • FUNDAMENTALS is a collection of public information; the company’s projects are described in relation to the company’s patents situation and competition.

  • FUNDAMENTALS is free of charge and can be downloaded for future reference.


  • bulb collects and structures public information of selected Swedish public companies in a two-page pdf-file.

  • The retrieval of relevant data from public and subscription databases provides key relevant information for the evaluation of an investment case.

  • Further in-depth evaluation of a specific investment case can be provided by bulb for a charge.

  • FUNDAMENTALS are based on public available information from the following sources: GlobalData, Espacenet, Embase, lens.org, www.clinicaltrials.gov, NASDAQ, Spotlight Stock Market, and the company’s own annual reports.The conent of FUNDAMENTALS are based on information gathered in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of publication. Bulb Intelligence can however provide no guarantee regarding the accuracy of this content or any misprints that may occur.

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