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  • ANALYSIS allows for a cost-efficient evaluation of the collected data from the EXPLORE module. Important information is identified and analysed in the context of specific business or investment needs.
  • ANALYSIS allows data from any source including the EXPLORE module to be evaluated and structured. The result is a broad and deep information map to be used for strategic planning and decisions.


  • ANALYSIS in the patent area provides overviews of the clearance/freedom to operate (FTO), novelty, validity, state-of-the-art and landscape situations.
  • ANALYSIS in the literature area gives a landscape overview of Key Opinion Leaders as well as necessary literature study for commencing clinical trials.
  • ANALYSIS provides evaluation of the market, i.e., competitors sale, pipeline and other market activities.


  • bulb ANALYSIS structures the obtained data from the EXPLORE module.
  • ANALYSIS is a service that can be used with any information available, regardless of if it originates from bulb’s EXPLORE module or not.