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DSC_0341 Anki SMALL

Anki is M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering, holds a Ph.D. in Immunotechnology and a Pharma-MBA from Falconbury.

Being an inventor herself of a technology that is the base for a biotech company, Anki has the full insight and experience in starting up small businesses. Having worked for several small biotech companies, both as CEO and board member, and as an investment director, she understands the challenges these businesses face.

She is the author about 30 scientific papers and book chapters, and the inventor on a number of patents.


DSC_0492 Anna SMALL

Information analyst with 20 years experience of search and analysis in medicine, physics and medical technology. Extensive experience of Markush and other chemical structure searches in literature and patent databases. MSc and PhD in organic chemistry from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.


DSC_0387 Eskil SMALL

Eskil has more than 25 year of experience from the life science business area. He has been instrumental in the incorporation of more than 10 different companies and has past and present experience as Investment Director, CEO and as board member.

He is author of several scientific publications and also named inventor on several commercially successful patent families. Eskil has broad experience and can help to analyze, structure and comprehensively communicate complex business ideas. Eskil´s formal education includes a PhD in molecular biology from Uppsala and an associate professorship at Lund University; he also has a executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) diploma.



Göran has developed an expertise in the commercialization of key cutting technologies within the Life Science industry. He has introduced more than 15 new technologies and products for Med Tech, Drug candidates, Diagnostics and Tools arena and has past and present experience from senior management positions in small and large companies, including several years in international positions.

Göran’s broad experience can help using competitive information in selection and choosing a commercial strategy. Göran’s formal education is MBA in Chemical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. He has also acted as grant reviewer in EU’s 6th Framework Program.


DSC_0367 Karin SMALL

Karin holds a PhD in Medical Science with focus on Immunology. Her academic work also includes studies of DNA vaccines and virus genetics. With an interest and experience in method development and quality assurance Karin excels at well-performed analysis. Having worked with development of routine diagnostics, large and small molecule pharmaceuticals and with patent strategies she understands the importance of high quality knowledge at every decision point. Karin has worked as lab director at Statens Serum Institut in Denmark, project manager in biotech companies, IP manager at Alligator Bioscience AB, as CEO of ProNoxis AB and is the co-owner of Avena Partners AB. Karin is driven by her curiosity and thrive for development.


DSC_0323 Sebastian SMALL

Information analyst with 10 years experience in Life Science. Extensive experience of competitive intelligence and compilations of patent literature and clinical trials in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech field. MSc in Chemistry and PhD in Molecular Biophysics from Lund University.